I never do know what to say

2:10 PM

Everytime I start a new blog, I never know what to say. I tend to try to explain what the blog is about and what the blog will contain. This time it will be different. It will be different because: one, I'm doing this blog on my own; so I won't be waiting for anyone to create a post; two, I will be writing to remember the future adventures I shall be having and not for any other reason; so I'm thinking there will be less pressure. (Man that was a long sentence).

Anyway, the picture posted here is my current bucket list. I will add onto it as time goes by. It will also gain check marks with the dates on which I did the said "adventure". I'm looking forward to creating memories that I can share here on my blog. I'm also looking forward to looking back on these adventures via this blog.

As I always say,
There's no such thing as an impossible dream, there are just dreams that need more effort.

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