Vanille Patisserie

7:45 AM

So a friend of mine was kind enough to shut my mouth by stuffing it with French Macarons! I've been yapping for the past couple of weeks that I want to go to a French pastry shop to try these beautifully colored, petite sweets. I've been wanting to go, but I never got the chance to. My suffering ended last Monday when my friend visited me at work to drop off my treats! You should've seen me jump for joy. Man! Food makes me so happy. :)

What flavors my friend got me:
Blue: White Tea??
Red: Red Velvet
Yellow: Mango something
Brown: Nutella!!

Of course the Nutella one was pretty amazing, although some of my friends were like "ehhhh" with it! The White Tea was really good too! I wish I was better with criticizing food. I shall be, one day; and I will make everyone want to eat the food I talk about. :)


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