Spontaneous City Adventure

4:22 PM

So yesterday, my friend and I hung out after work. The plan was that I was gonna bake cupcakes, but that so didn't happen. We ended up going to the city to actually go to Vanille Patisserie. I'll always wanted to go, and I finally did. It was such a cute little shop. The inside is so clean and well organized. (I mean duh! Haha) I did wish that they had a better looking store across from them, or a view or something. It would've been a nice place to chill. I hope they change that big bar table into some small circle tables. After getting some French Macarons, we decided we were hungry. We ended up going to China Town for some bubble tea. I think what I like about this trip is the spontaneity of it. I'm a very controlling person, and I always plan ahead, but I get frustrated if things don't go as planned and it always get the better of me. I'm glad that yesterday was fun, drama-free and dilemma free. I love the feeling that I was just there to go with the flow.

Hoping for more adventures soon,

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