Where is the good in goodbye?

2:37 PM

Today, I dropped my best friend off at the airport with her brother. It wasn't as sad as I thought it would be. It may be because we were in such a hurry, or because we cried it all last night or because we'll get to see her again in two weeks time before she says goodbye for real. Last night was the third time we cried together in the span of our friendship. It was heartbreaking. I tried hard not to think about it until last night when she gave me her goodbye letter. I suck with goodbyes I just tend to leave it without a word. It's going to be hard without her; I'm going to miss everything about her. I know I'll see her soon, but the thought of her not being here to experience things together is making me so sad. I shall forever treasure our memories and hope to create new ones soon. I love you so much Tey. I miss you already.


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