Busy Friday

3:28 AM

Last Friday was one of the busiest days of this year, so far. In the morning I registered for classes since I'm going back to school. I'm pretty excited to go back. I feel like it's been a while. After that I got a surprise gift from my friend that I was planning on giving a surprise gift too. We had lunch at Red Lobsters, one of my favorite places to be; then off to a Korean dessert shop.

After that my fake big sister came iver for our sleepover. It was fun hanging out with her and getting to talk. I definitely needed some time with her just to talk. We did our make ups like little girls, cooked, sang and drank. It was the perfect way to end the night.

Friday was also the day my sister's Tadhana music video was released. I co-directed this video and I was the editor of it as well. I played a lot of roles in this video; and it was a lot of fun! The day after, my fake big sister and my younger sister and I decided to continue with making videos, so we shall.
You should check out Yellow Pad Production's YouTube page. We're going to be updating it pretty soon, so keep an eye out for new projects! Be sure to subscribe, favorite and share with everyone you know.

Til the next adventure,

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