Fun Filled Day

4:45 AM

So today was a pretty busy day. I had work like a normal citizen in the morning. In the afternoon, I helped my friend change the oil of my car. It was a pretty cool experience. We decided to hang out afterwards and saw the movie TED. Mind you, Ted is not a movie I would go see myself. I even told my friend that it would be a movie that'd only make sense if you were high. Boy did I eat my words. I saw MAGIC MIKE yesterday and I was very excited about it. I went with my girls, obviously. Man the theater was packed with girls. My sister actually tried getting in after work, but the movie sold out. Anyways, I seriously enjoyed Ted a whole lot more compared to Magic Mike. Magic Mike is such a sexy film, I'll give it that.

Another awesome note, on the way to see the movie, we witnessed a proposal going on. This guy was kneeling in front a this girl outside a bar, then she said yes and they gave each other a kiss. Awww so cute. I've never seen a proposal happened before in my life. So happy I got the chance today.

Lastly, we saw this brutal Japanese version of Hunger Games; which has been out for like eleven years, and let me tell you the story line is very very similar.

Can't wait for tomorrows adventures!

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