It's been a random series of days.

12:56 AM

So yesterday, I pulled an 8 hour shift. Yup nothing exciting about it, but towards the end of my shift my friend visited me. We decided to watch The Amazing Spiderman movie. There was such poor planning put into it, but we managed to find a theater that plays the movie late enough. Anyway it was a good movie. I was very engaged. I tried sewing this movie to the previous ones staring Tobey McGuire. Did not help. It was a totally different story line. I mean the original plot was there, but there's a lot of twists. After the movie, as if it wasn't late enough, we decided to go to China town. We were didn't get home until morning. It was an adventure. Yeap. Good times. Oh yeah. Happy 4th of July. I didn't get to watch some firework displays. But right now a couple of my friends are lighting fireworks. Things happened so fast, I didn't get take a good picture.

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