Some Random Shenanigans

7:14 PM

So last night, errr more like morning,my friends and I ended up going to Walmart to get paint swatches. Mind you this was 2 in the morning when my friends and I decided to go. It was fun; and very random. I've been planning on painting my room for a while now, but only recently did I start looking for paint colors. I had an idea in my head already of the colors and the look of my room. I really want to go for the relaxing vibe of the beach. I love the beach. I love the water. I don't have one style, but the Nautical style is one of my favorites. So anyway, I have found my colors and you can see it on the bottom pictures. Oh if you guys didn't know what the other picture was, it's Mahjong. I finally learned how to play and I actually won. Twice!

Last Thursday, I saw The Dark Knight. I went with my friends to midnight screening of it. It was my first time going to a midnight screening. It was fun. There were a few people who actually dressed up, and that was something new to me. We were there extra early. I've never been to the theaters that early for a movie. I'm not going to spoil the movie and say anything, but I really liked the ending. :)

Til the next adventure,

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