Its back to school for me

1:16 AM

So today marks the day of me going back to school. It's weird. It was like freshman all over again. Granted that I've had my fair share of years in college, but right now the feelings are still the same as it was years ago. I do know now what I want out of all this though, which something that I think is great. I may still be drawing my map, but atleast I can see my treasure chest. It's going to be a hell of a year and a half. It's gonna go by so fast, but as my dean said, make this a fabulous journey. Here's to something great to look back on.

Oh btw got a gift from one of my friends today. Also, saw the Bourne Legacy movie. It was ok. I didn't understand some of it. I mean for a while I got it, but it was such a blur. Maybe it's cause I haven't seen the other Bourne movies. But yeah that's what happened today. Hope you've been having a better week than I. I need to take a break, relax. I feel so exhausted. Advice for the day. Give yourself some time and lovin'

Til the next adventure,

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