A Helping Hand

1:25 PM

While I was shopping the other day, 9 days ago to be exact, I bumped into Kara I knew her way back. We worked at the same company at one point, but in different departments, so we didn't really get to talk much. It's weird how people become closer friends when they don't work with each other anymore. We don't hang out often, but I see her more than I used to when we still worked together. Hence my statement earlier. Anyway, I saw her while I was in line waiting to spend my money. Lol. First she said, "oh my gosh i didn't recognize you." She was so cute. I remember I told her that she was one of the cutest people I know. Anyway. After that she was like, " I like your red lips. Teach me how to dress." That wasn't the first time I heard that from someone. I'm not saying I'm an expert or a fashion guru, but I think i can put together a good outfit. This is why I want to dedicate a space in this blog to help those who are in need.

Check out this section. It's not just going to be about fashion. It's going to include room revamping, love, life, health, diet and anything that I may be of help. I can't stress out how I AM NOT AN EXPERT in any of the things that will be tackled in this section, but I am willing to share experiences and learn with everybody. Let's have fun!

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