A New Family Member

3:53 AM

Soooooo Roldie is making my dreams come true by getting me a dog!!! Lol. Jk. He IS getting a dog, but it's his dog and he's just letting me pretend I own it too. Lol.

It's pretty legit though, I mean we have been looking up breeders to visit, we've been trying to learn about the breed of dog he wanted which was a Boston Terrier, we've been researching on the things we need to know about getting a dog and we've been saving up money for it's future. It's a lot of work, but it's so awesome. It's an exciting experience for me, because I've always dreamt of having a dog, but I really don't have that option, well as of right now at least.

He decided to name him Odie like the dog in the Garfield comics. He said it's close to his name too thats why.

I'm sure I'll have more updates about the dog soon, so yeah!!

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