Sept. 25 Extreme Make Over Roldie's Room Edition

3:41 AM

First of all since I am basically telling the story of everything that has happened to me and my future plans, I think it is only fair to name the people involved in each of the moments shared and planned. Therefore, from now on I shall be naming people in my stories and adventures. I guess I really didn't like the idea of labeling people in my life; I mean why do we have to. Why do I have to say that this girl is one of my best friends, why can't i just say his or her name? Why do we have to associate a name to a position in our lives? I don't know if it makes a difference, but I don't know. I just don't want to label anymore I guess

Anyway. Last Tuesday, was my official last day, so I did what any normal almost ex employee would do. Use up my discount. I got a new pillow, my winter coat, and new curtains. Don't worry prior to that I spend a little more. After that Roldie and I headed to Ikea. I love that store. I just get so inspired. We bought lights and a new table for his room. We decided to do this project because for one the wall color of his room bother me so much. Now, I know I shouldn't care since it wasn't my room, but he said he wasn't happy with it either. Plus it was a fairly small room with very little light, and the color of the room wasn't really helping it. He had his room painted red. Now I'm sure some people have red rooms, and I'm not saying I'm an expert with interior designing, but I think I've seen my fair share of HGTV shows. My favorites are the extreme make over ones and the ones that involve small space. I did we did a pretty good job turning his room from what it was to what it is.

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