Sept. 28 Blah Blah Blah Blah Blog

4:21 AM

Today we saw Hotel Transylvania in 3D. It was a cute movie. I think it kinda tried a little too hard though. I was kinda confused cause i thought it was a kid's movie and yet they were talking about true love and zings. Anyway. Yeah it was cute. Seriously though don't watch it in 3D. It doesn't make sense to me the whole 3D thing, cause it not really a 3D experience. We only saw it cause it was the last screening of that movie.

Before that Roldie and I hit up the thrift stores, we didn't really find anything, but it's ok.

We had dinner at Sushi Station, but I said that's the last we'll go there. I really wanted to try something new.

Also, today I was forced to learn to drive a stick shift car. Roldie just pushed me to do it. I only technically stalled once, but I think he only agreed to say that because he's trying his best to make me go again. Lol. I was able to go around, but I'm not as confident. I told him it was like learning how to drive all over again. In seriousness I stalled twice the whole lesson.

Bonus: Outfit of the Day. Transitioning from Summer to Fall. I really love my Maxi dresses. This one was given to me as a gift from Tita Digna. I paired it up with a jean jacket because of a the weather and b to kinda add masculinity to the look and toughen it up. I had boots underneath for the casual country girl vibe. The studs on my purse also added to the toughness of this look. My make up was very simple: black liner, mascara and nude lipstick. I just wanted to have a casual look, so I kept it plain jane.

P.s thank you tita digna for my dress.

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