Sept. 6 A Stir Crazy Moment

2:11 AM

That day was a normal school day. I was talking to my fake big sister about meeting up at the mall that was close by. We went there, we shopped and we visited one of our friends who was working at that time. What was so crazy about this day was when we saw my friend's stalker ex girl friend that we've trying to avoid. Now, I'm not bashing on ex girlfriends, but this one cray cray lol. You have to know the story to understand why she is, but since you don't you're gonna have to take my word for it.

After that we went to Stir Crazy. It was my first time going there. I tried the "make your own" option. It was pretty good. I got to choose the veggies and how much of it and same goes for the sauce after choosing the meat and whether I want rice or noodles. A little advice don't get too much sauce. Get maybe a half of the cup or a little more.

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