Sept. 8 Not So Fail Dinner

2:40 PM

On Sept. 8 I agreed to do an overnight shift at work. Someone please remind me never to do it again.

Anyway, before my overnight shift, my friends and I decided to eat before hand. I was really craving for sushi then so along with two other friends we decided to go all out and try this all you can eat sushi called Sushi Para. Before we left for the restaurant, one of my friends decided to cancel on us, but the two of us still went. When we got there the place was packed. We didn't really plan ahead and the wait was 30mins. We didn't really have time wait, so we decided to go somewhere else. Luckily, there was another sushi bar near by. We went to Sun Shui. It was a really nice restaurant. My friend and I felt a little underdressed. It wasn't fancy, but it was really nice. I wouldn't mind going back. The food was great, but I think it was the ambiance that won it for me.

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