Sept.15 The Accomplished Day

3:08 PM

So a really good friend of mine decided to visit our friend who lives in the city.

We had a plan to take the train and have lunch with her and head home. We got to the train station 2 minutes too late, so instead of waiting an hour for the next train we decided to drive to a different train station. When we got to the toll way on the way to the other station, we realized that we were 20minutes away from our friend's place. Mind you my best friend and i haven't driven in the city, so this was a first time thing. We got to her place safe and sound.

We had lunch at Devon Seafood Grill. It was great. The food was awesome! I am personally a seafood girl. I love it. Afterwards, we swung by Pierrot Gourmet which was the bakery in the Peninsula Hotel. I got some macarons of course. What I love about Pierrot's macaron is their size. They were fairly big. They were almost palm size. I wish they made more though, cause I really didn't have much to choose from.

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