10/11/12 ...and the answer is

12:52 PM

Last week, Tuesday, Jerrold awkwardly asked me to go out. Lol. He was asking me by making me remember something I said the Saturday before. Not only that, he was walking away as he was talking to me. We totally fixed that last night. Lol. Anyways, as he left my house at around 2 in the morning, I sent him a text saying that he really shouldn't talk to me while he's walking away. Wouldn't you know this guys drive back to my house to repeat what he just said. Seriously this guy. Lol. He still didn't ask me directly. What he was trying to make me remember was a comment that Jenny and I made when all four of us went to Aurora. I was trying to figure out what to give him for his birthday, and Jenny said, O should just go out on a date with him as a gift. Yeah that's how he asked me out on out first date. Such a dork. :p. Thursday came and his plan was to take me to this fancy theater. It's called the iPic Theater. Your seats are recliners, you have a pillow and a blanket and they serve you food on the spot. It was pretty legit.

After the movie, Jerrold was acting funny 'cause it rained. He kept on saying that his plan is ruined, and that he needs a plan B. He pulls out a big bouquet of roses. Mind you, I kinda got used to the idea of him giving me flowers cause he would for no reason at all. I guess that was part of his courting thing. Anyway, when he pulled out the flowers, he started telling me his failed plan. He said that he wanted to surprise me with the flowers while is sit on the bench in front of the fountain, and shout out "she said yes" once I did. None of it happened, but I did say yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Ha!


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