Sept. 29 Fine Dining

12:08 PM

One thing I haven't tried to eat at a fancy restaurant. This Saturday, I finally did. Together with Jenny, Farhad and Jerrold, we ate at Montarra. We didn't go to the city for a full on fancy experience, but we did the next best thing. Montarra is known for their steak, so we went for it. I got lobster tail together with my steak, so you know I was happy that night.

After dinner, we decided to warm up with coffee and satisfy our sweet tooth with ice cream. Talk about contrast right? The night was still young after dessert so we had fun and had a photo shoot. All in all it was a fun night! Can't wait for this weekend.

Outfit of this day:
I went for the simple and classic vibe. The cut of this dress is spectacular. This is one of my favorite dresses that I own. I paired it up with my fun and and floral pumps. A multi string necklace, statement ring and a red clutch completed this outfit.

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