You Never Fail to Surprise Me

1:32 AM

After class, the plan was to hang out with Jenny, Farhad and Jerrold. Jerrold had a free day, and I got out of class early, so we decided to hit up The Container Store and Marshalls. It was my first time at the container store. It was nice. It looked like a smaller Ikea. Anyway, after that Jerrold decides to give me his keys. You've gotta understand that I have learned to fear it when he gives me the keys because I know he wants me to drive his stick shift car. Lol. But no, he didn't. He wanted me to get something from his glove compartment which was locked. As a naive follower, I did as I was told. Check the picture below; it's one of my favorite scents, the Bvlgari Omnia in Amethyst. I love that smell. That's what I found inside the glove compartment.

After that, we borrowed a couple of scary movies from the library to prep us for the movie night we planned to have. We ordered Chinese, which was really good, then cuddled up in fuzzy blankets. It's so warm under there. Lol. I love those blankets.

Phrase of the day:
*talking about Odie possibly falling into the toilet if Jerrold got him a step ladder*
Me: "He will because, he is his mom's son."

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