10/26 Jerrold's Birthday

3:45 PM

This day was a long day filled with lies and deception, but I say that with a smile on my face, let me tell you why.

A couple of days before his birthday, I made Jerrold really sad by telling him that I made a prior commitment on the day of his birthday. He bought every lie I threw at him. I told him I was having dinner with Ate Ayie and her family, so she won't be able to make it either. Don't worry all of the lies was for a good cause. I had class on his birthday, so he picked me up from school to hang out. The plan was to hang out til I had to leave for "my dinner" at 8pm. We had to do a few errands too, so he was getting kins of annoyed that his time with me was being used for something else. He had a little get together for his birthday, which came to my advantage as I used it to keep him busy. I couldn't have pulled of this surprise if it wasn't for my awesome friends whom I thanked dearly.

For his gifs, I made him work hard on it . I turned my gifts into a scavenger hunt.

For the first gift, I gave him a bracelet that I made to represent the friendship that he has shared with me. I etched "papa" and the date of our anniversary on the anchor pendant. It was placed in his old room. The first room that I was ever invited in his house.

The second gift was a Kenneth Cole watch that was placed in his car. It was to show my gratitude on him giving his time for me and for driving far just so we can spend time together.

The third gift was his wall décor. It decorated his current room. I chose picture that showed our friendship and the memories we had through the years.

The last gift was a pair of shoes that matched mine. It represented the adventures and travels that we are going to have in the future. I look forward to those adventures together. The last gift was handed to him, by me. :)

I gave him four gifts because I didn't get to spend 3 birthdays with him, and the fourth one was for this year.

It was lots of fun when the party started. I'm glad that now he's actually reaching out to his friends and having a good time even in a relationship.

I'm very happy that he's happy now.

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