10/28 Final Birthday Activity

9:58 PM

This was a long, fun, tiring and productive weekend. It started with Jerrold's birthday party, then the Halloween party and on Sunday we went to get pumpkins. We went to Goebert's together with Farhad and Jenny to get pumpkins. We went around took pictures and realized that there really isn't anything much to do for people our age. We did however saw a small bouncy platform for little kids and got jealous. We decided to hit up Extreme Trampoline. When we got there, we were thinking of doing 2 hours, but were so lucky we didn't because we were whining for the first ten minutes. It was a lot of fun, but it was draining. Oh yeah, Jerrold hurt his foot 10mins. before we had to leave. So I had to play nurse for a week.

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