11/11 Our First Month Anniversary

11:28 PM

Yay! We have celebrated our first month anniversary.

I kinda took over for our date because I felt like he's the one who is always trying to fix something up. So I told him that we had a reservation to a restaurant at 7:15pm and that we were going to see a movie afterwards. What he didn't know was that I cooked for him the whole day and fixed his room to look like a restaurant. I wanted to have a date in. It was so cute because I bought a table cloth, fire-less candle and place mats to create a classy cheap vibe. I even printed out menus and played romantic music. It was pretty legit. I had an appetizer, a choice of main dish and dessert. I also gave him a gift to add to his wall. :) He got me two cardigans, two bags of chocolates and a single rose. It was funny cause his dad made fun of him because of his gift versus mine. We watched a movie too afterwards and painted our pumpkins we got the weekend of his birthday. It was a great date which made it Denise-1 Jerrold-0.

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