11/23 Black Friday

1:45 PM

Ever since I got to the states back in 07, I've always wanted to go Black Friday shopping. The only problem is I never seem to have money or time for it. This year was a little bit different because I now have credit cards. Now that sounds really bad, but hey when in America right?

So after I drove my boyfriend to work, I went back home so we could leave for the outlet mall. We had to pack in the middle of the field, but we'll do anything for discounts. We were really lucky though because we didn't know that the black friday deals started earlier than midnight, so when we got there a bunch of people were heading home. We didn't need to really stand in line, well I guess we just really didn't want to, so we would go to stores that don't have one. The only line we actually patiently waited for is for Juicy Couture. Don't judge. I don't know why I like it either.

We left the outlet mall sleep at 6 am. We went home to kill time until we had to pick my boyfriend from work.

If you think the day ended after we picked him, well aren't you totally wrong. We recharged our batteries at my boyfriend's place for a couple of hours and went to shop some more with my boyfriend and his parents, since they missed the deals the night before. His parents wanted to go back to hh gregg to see deals on TV then we would go to the mall, or so I thought. We did go hh gregg to look at TVs we looked at a couple of nights ago. His parents were looking for a TV for their room, so when his dad went on and bought the TV we agreed was the best I thought it was for them. My boyfriend then said, " you still don't get it?" He told me that the TV was for me, so I did what any normal girl would do, I smacked the heck out of my boyfriend as he greeted me Merry early Christmas.

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