12/03 Shopping Night

4:15 AM

Finally, I'm blogging about things that happened in the same month. I'm so sorry for not updating fast enough, it's been so hectic the past two months. I'm trying really hard to bounce back and hopefully create more posts.

Anyway, a couple of mondays ago, I got to leave work early to go shopping with my boyfriend. Boy was I a happy camper then. I only had 3 hours until the mall closed and an hour after that before the strip mall near by closed as well. It was dine, I had a game plan. I knew what I needed to get and where to go. Granted I had a couple of detours, but we still got to finish the shopping spree with time to spare.

Before the whole shopping thing happened, my boyfriend decided to give me my second month anniversary gift early. He took a video to have evidence of what happened.

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