12/13 Random Day

12:34 PM

That Thursday went on like any other Thursday. I went to class and my boyfriend went to work. After class, I went to visit him at work and wouldn't you know there was a sale going on, so I did a little shopping for me and my boyfriend only end up fight over paying for the clothes. When I say fight over we weren't really fighting. We were more of competing on who would pay for or cause he wanted to. He was friends with the cashier to so yeah I lost, but I did get to buy him a really nice sweater.

After that we took Odie (to those who don't know, Odie is our pet Boston) to class and had dinner with my boyfriend's brother at a Korean restaurant. It was a really nice accommodating place. The service was awesome and the food did not disappoint.

The night didn't end there because we also went to Gamework afterwards. The guys got me a lot of stuffed animals because they were trying to get me the Chococat that I really wanted. They did not succeed, but hey, I got three new toys to put in my car.


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