12/15 12 Dates 'til Christmas Part Deux

Today, Jerrold was invited over to one of my family activities. We went to my dad's officemate's Christmas party. We didn't stay long though, because we had other plans. Well atleast I did. He's been asking me to help him with his choice in clothing or dressing him as I call it, since he kniws about the girls I have helped with make overs.

After the Christmas party, we went to Springhill mall and that where I got him his outfit. I got to buy him enough garments to create 2 outfits. It's always a lot of fun shopping with people who are as patient as you in shopping, that's one of the reasons why I love shopping with my boyfriend, he'll patiently wait for me even I take too long just to get a couple of items.

Check out what I got him.


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