12/15 12 Dates 'til Christmas Part Deux

3:39 AM

Today, Jerrold was invited over to one of my family activities. We went to my dad's officemate's Christmas party. We didn't stay long though, because we had other plans. Well atleast I did. He's been asking me to help him with his choice in clothing or dressing him as I call it, since he kniws about the girls I have helped with make overs.

After the Christmas party, we went to Springhill mall and that where I got him his outfit. I got to buy him enough garments to create 2 outfits. It's always a lot of fun shopping with people who are as patient as you in shopping, that's one of the reasons why I love shopping with my boyfriend, he'll patiently wait for me even I take too long just to get a couple of items.

Check out what I got him.


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