12/16 & 12/17 12 Dates Til Christmas Part Trois and Quatre

2:54 AM

For the third and fourth dates, we decided to each have movie night to host. We had to be creative because we weren't allowed to just go to the theaters. For my movie night iI chose to g with the drive in theme We've always wanted to go see a movie at a drive in, even before we were dating. There was one problem, it's winter time so it's going to be freezing outside. What I did was bring a space heater inside the car parked in our garage. I brought a portable dvd player and mobile lights. I even made tickets and put together a concession stand to make it even more legit. He chose to watch the first American Pie movie. I haven't seen the movie, so it was pretty interesting to me.

The next day, it was his turn. His started his flameless candles on is bed shaped like a heart with two foldable tables on each side of the bed. He was doing a mock of the theater where he asked me out and I thought that was pretty cute. We saw a Korean film that made me bawl like no other. It's called Sex is Zero. Don't let the title fool you. It's going to make you cry. But then again, I was telling my boyfriend maybe it was all the frustration of the day. It's a romantic comedy that's going to make you laugh, cry and go "eeeeee."


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