12/18 12 Dates Til Christmas Part Cinq

2:56 AM

This was one of my most favorite dates. The day started with me finding four heart shaped balloons floating in my room holding a Sephora gift card. The day carried on with my boyfriend prepared a spa day for me. I got a facial, and a body massage. We went to two different places. The first place was a small salon that also did eyebrows. It was fairly cheap, I should've gone and done it. It's ok, I have next time. The second place we went to is called the Teddie Kossof Salon and Spa. All I can say is that, that place made me feel like a millionaire. They seriously know how to treat you well at that place. I've always wanted to go to a place where you're just feel pampered the whole day. I wasn't there the whole day, but it sure felt nice being there.

The day didn't end there. When we got back to my boyfriend's house, his brother planned to go out for dinner with a few friends, so he invited us too. We ate at a Korean Barbecue where the meat was all you can eat. It was nice place, but as you can imagine, we all smelled like barbecue after. After dinner, we all gathered at my boyfriend's house and one of our friends gave us their Christmas gifts for us ; sine they weren't going to be around for Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

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