1/05 Nomnom at Chinatown

2:32 PM

I know that a lot of my posted adventures are very random and spontaneous. I guess it's just a lot more fun when you surprise yourself with new experiences or unexpected fun.

I had a couple of my friends sleepover the night before and we had a zombie/scare night. We played COD (Call of Duty) and saw 28 Days of Nights and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was such a bad idea, especially for a scardey cat like me.

Anyway, the next day, my boyfriend went to work. While he was gone, we planned on going to Chinatown. After he got off work, we headed over to pick him up.

At Chinatown, we went to this Chinese restaurant called Joyyee. They're known for their fruit smoothies; once you've tried it, you'll get why. Did I mention how ridiculously big their servings are? Well they're big, at least for me it was. When you get there, expect to have a hard time picking one dish for you, they all look so good.

I think what made this dinner even better was that it was spent with friends that we miss.

Til the next adventure,

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