1/19 Nomnom at Jang Choong Dong

2:35 PM

We went on a triple date that day with a few of our friends that day. It wasn't so random because I did plan it with one of my girlfriends. It was a very vague plan. We decided we wanted Korean BBQ with unlimited meat; I named places that I knew had that. It turned out to be a Korean night because after having a big hearty dinner, we went to this place called "Coffee Haus." It this cafe that was also a computer shop. They serve coffee, bubble tea and dessert. We ordered the Haus Bing which was a combination of ice crea, ice, milk, red bean, cerial and all these other treats. It's like halo-halo to my Filipino readers. There was a lot of talking and sharing involved. It was fun talking to them, we don't usually hang out and talk, but maybe I'll change that.


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