12/21 12 Dates 'Til Christmas Part Huit

8:52 AM

Date 8 was all about food, pinoy food. Pinoy is a slang way of sying Filipino people.A couple of our friends decided to spend the holiddays somewhere warmer, so they went to the Philippine. My boyfriend and I were also talking about doing the same thing the following year. Because of this idea being tossed around, I decided to give both my friends and my boyfriend a preview of tthe Pinoy street food. Cooking was a lot of fun; especially because I've never tried to cook any of the things I cooked that day. There was a lot of presssure to make it good, of course, but I tthink thst's just because want to impress my boyfriend.

I cooked Mais con Queso (Corn with Powdered Cheese), Lugaw (Porridge), Tokwa't Baboy (Tofu and Pork), Tokneneng (Deep-fried Quail eggs), Avocado with Condensed Milk, and Sago Gulaman (Tapioca & Jello Drink). Aside ffrom this menu, I also made them drink softdrinks in a plastic bag. The Sago Gulaman drink we had at a Filipino-Chinese restaurant, and my boyfriend actually asked for me to make him some.

It was also the last night my friend had before they had to leave for the Philippines, so we gave them oour Chirstmas gift. I think the best part was we were able to share this date with friends and family. All in ll, it was a delicious date.

'Til the next adventure,

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