12/22 12 Dates Til Christmas Part Neuf

11:55 AM

Hello guys! Forgive me if it has been forever since you heard from me and it's ready been how long since new years and yet my 12 dates posts still aren't done. It has just been so hectic with school and work.

Anyway, I want to finish the 12 Dates finally so we can move on to a new year.

After we had a Filipino night and a mini farewell party to a couple of our friends, we had breakfast the next day. We decided we were going to Richard Walker, but that plan didn't go so well. My boyfriend knew how bad I was with waking up early; and Richard Walker was a 30 minute drive from my house, so he decided we would go to Burnt Toast instead which was 10 minutes from my house and 5 from the highway. He can over early enough to wake me up and let me get ready.

What I like about Burnt Toast is it's so homey. You feel like it's as if you were in your own kitchen. It was packed with families. I guess it was because if the Holiday season as well. It was pretty loud, but the service was great! The food was scrumptious, and enormous. It was a huge serving for both of us, but boy was it good! I got the gyro omelette with a side of french toast. My boyfriend got the french toast with the side of oatmeal. The french toast he got was different from mine because it had a filling on his to male it into a sandwich.

He rushed to work afterwards; so he was kind of bummed about that, but for me it was a great way to start the day.

With love,

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