12/24 12 Dates Til Chritmas Part Onze

1:52 PM

This was my last day to make a bang, so I went back to basics. For my last date, I took my boyfriend to my house to show him how we celebrate Christmas eve.

It's been a tradition with our family that we go to hear mass then dinner and when it strikes midnight we open our gifts. That's exactly what we did, we waited on the mass until the next morning with my parents preference.

We talked to our families in the Philippines, so it was even the more fun. We had gifts to each of our family members, so we opened those and took lots and lots of pictures. It was a really great night to have been spent with people that I loved.

I'm not going to show all my gifts for my boyfriend and neither am I gonna show his gifts for me, but let me just say, we went a little crazy on our gifts.

With Love,

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