12/25 12 Days Til Christmas Finale

1:56 PM

Today is Christmas, and we had some big plans ahead of us. We made sure to spend this day with my boyfriend's family because we spent Christmas eve with mine.

So we started the day with a mass. It was our first time going with my boyfriend. Afterwards, we visited our aunt that lived close by. After eating, we had to say our goodbyes. We had to meet up with his family next. We opened the gifts we gave to his family, had dinner and got ready for the main event.

We headed to the Unite Center to watch the Christmas day game of the Bulls. It was very exciting. I love watching live basketball games; there's always so much energy in the stadium. I got my boyfriend a Derrick Rose jersey for the game; and we cheered on Noah, Belinelli, Deng and Robinson. I can safely say I was one of the loudest people inside the stadium. I swear.

We started weak, but by thee third quarter the caught up, so the crowd had faith. Half way through the fourth quarter, was becoming more interested in the small games that get you free stuff with your ticket. We lost, but we had so much fun. It was the best way to end a new tradition.

Til the next adventure,

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