2/9 Pre-4th Month Anniversary

6:44 PM

So, it's been four months since that rainy October night. I know it's not a custom that people celebrate every month of their anniversary, but hey to each is own right? This time we celebrated two days early since we were both free that time. He was working that day and I just got out of my spa day with my fake big sister. We went to the mall, shopped at H&M, and that's when we decided to eat at Red Robin. It wasn't anything special, but we haven't gone out to eat in a while, so whenever we do it's kind of a big deal.

I got the Sauteed 'Shroom Burger. What I love about Red Robin is their Freckled Lemonade and unlimited fries with the seasoning. I love fries. That's why I gain so much weight, because I eat so much potatoes.
He got the Banzai. I liked that it had the pineapple in it. I've never tried burgers with a sweet kick to it.
This was the gifts he had for me the day before our "monthsary." It was waiting for me in my car after work. It was so sweet. I feel so loved.

Til the next adventure,

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