Fashion 101: Layering

8:02 PM

Got this image here.

Here's to all my fashionistas that have unfortunately landed in a place that knows no limit for cold weather.

Where I live, mother nature has just decided to sprinkle the town with snow, so you can imagine how much people want to bundle up. I dislike winter out of all the seasons because everybody looks so bulky this time of the year. Luckily for me, I have learned the art of layering. What's nice about layering is that there are techniques to it to help reduce that bulky look.

Tips I learned in Layering:
1. Layer from thinnest to thickest

Layering must start with the thinest piece of garment you plan to throw onto yourself. You can build your way from them.

2. Always show your layers

Make sure that something from a layer is showing, whether it be the collar, cuff, or the hem. It helps pull together a look.

3. Learn which layers to ditch

There are some layers you can live without. There are now these fancy accessories like the add on collar to give you that effect of a layer a collared button down with that actual extra layer.

Hope this helps,

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