It's A New Year

6:01 PM

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Ok so, It's been 33 days since the new year started, but they year has only just begun, there is still time to start something new. We have grown accustom to starting something new at the beginning of every year. Whether it be a diet plan that we never seem to finish, or that cleaning idea you never get to; there's always something we want to start. Why has it been hard to keep up with these new year's resolution?

In my opinion, we should rethink the way we make our resolutions. Here are my guidelines to a better new year's resolution.

1. Make sure it's plausible.

There's this thing I learned in business school that in planning something it should always be possible. I mean think about it, if your new year's resolution is to lose 90 lbs in 2 months, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

2. Have a dead line.

Having a deadline, for me especially, makes it easier for me to create a plan on how to tackle my resolution. Say in three weeks time, I want to lose 6 lbs. It's plausible, I gave myself a dead line and next is to create a plan.

3. Create a plan.

Focus on one of your resolutions and create a plan that works for you. In my case I want to have a healthier lifestyle. I saw this documentary called "Hungry for Change." It's a really nice documentary. It was very informative. The speakers were actual people who have had to face life threatening illness, and turned their live around with healthy living. In the documentary, it mentioned that we don't have to take away a whole bad food group. It is better to add good food groups in our system. Therefore, my plan should consist of consuming healthier food.

I hope we can accomplish more this year.


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