02/14 Valentines Day & 4th Month Anniversary

3:18 AM

This month, there were two things we celebrated at the same day. Since Valentines day and our "monthsary" were close to one another, we just decided to combine the celebration. We decided to stay in for this month because we wanted to save up; and we wanted to cook. Well, my boyfriend cooked. I let him this time. LOL.We really didn't do much. We dressed up in red; even Odie.

Here are some pictures we took that day. Oh yeah. I got him a skinny tie, and I made him a coupon book for Valentines day. For our 4th month, I got him a suit.

Here's the date part.

When we got home, a package was waiting for me. :)

I wish one day we can dress up super nice for a really fancy restaurant. I really like our small dinners dates, but it doesn't hurt to have an experience like that in our hands. All in all it was a good day. I was really happy. He's the sweetest guy; and I'm lucky to have him around. Thanks baby.

Hope you had a great Valentines day,

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