02/15 The Autoshow

3:59 AM

This autoshow was a pretty spontaneous trip; actually, it wasn't. It was planned over sushi. A few days prior to that actual sushi day, I saw this deal on Groupon regarding the autoshow. I invited a couple of people, but it was a weekday so they couldn't join. My sister and a friend said they wanted to join, so we planned it all out. There were last minute changes, but we made it work. It was a fun trip. I got to see new cars; I got to see concept cars which got pretty innovative. The industrial designers really got crazy with their ideas. I liked that there was a group of classic cars and a group of super cars as well. I enjoyed the trip because of all the cars. I have this thing with sexy looking cars. It was a memory for the books.

 Look a zombie car!!

Andrew photobombing Asimo at Honda.

After walking around so much, we got hungry and decided to hit up Chinatown. We went to one of our favorite places called Chi Cafe. My boyfriend got their sirloin steak and I got the salt and pepper squid. They were both delicious. I also got the avocado shake with my order, which I always get, but this time it tasted kind of bland.

It was a crazy day, but with my boyfriend and friend, I got to enjoy the day.

'Til the next adventure,

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