02/27&28 Nomnom Shrimp Pastel and New Closet

12:27 AM

 There was a random nomnom day when I made my boyfriend  some Shrimp Pastel. It's a recipe my mom cooks. It's pretty exciting. Not really. lol. I usually remember ingredients of food that my mom cooks; as long as I like the food. I don't know if I am allowed to share the recipe yet so I won't. It's really good. I mean it has shrimp! Lol. My boyfriend's family enjoyed the meal too, so I guess it was good. :)

There wass a project that lingered in our heads for quite sometime. My boyfriend has been in need of a closet. I mean seriously, he upgraded from a four tier tiny shelf, that is now used properly to hold speakers and picture frames, to a three tier book shelf and a hanging coat rack. Now, he actually has a big boy closet. I'm so happy. We got everything from Ikea. We got a frame, a bar rack, a pull-out pant rack, and two drawers. We're thinking for getting another drawer, but we'll see. His closet is building up.

'Til the next adventure,

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