03/02 Jenny's Unplanned Birthday

12:30 AM

The month started with a celebration with an old friend. as always, we didn't have a plan until the last minute, but things worked out. We started by having a late lunch at this place called the Asian Bistro. What I like about it is that it serves both Japanese and Chinese food. I was craving for salt and pepper shrimp; and I got it. I also got sushi which is a major plus. I love sushi. This is a really nice place. There wasn't much of an ambiance, but really we were just there to eat. the food was amazing.  There really is no other way to describe it. It was worth to try it.

After lunch we just decided to hit up the mall. Yes, I ended up spending....my Sephora gift card.;)

'Til the next adventure,

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