03/04 Nomnom at Kobe

1:30 AM

I was feeling for sushi that night, and my boyfriend was too. So how do we solve two tummies hungry for sushi? All you can eat sushi! There's this place by my house called Kobe. It's like Benihana, but cheaper, but the food has an expensive taste. Seriously, the food is so good. Here are the plates that night. Funny thing was the first place we got basically had the same sushi on both plates.

 This was his first plate.
This was my first plate.

 This is my 2nd plate; such a fattie. I found a new favorite. If I remember correctly, the name was of it was Salmon Eel Roll.
Look at his spiffy outfit. He was so proud cause he chose it by himself. It's actually some sharp looking clothing. Aww look at my baby. Lol

Eat well,

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