03/05 Nomnom Bangkok Restaurant

1:56 AM

There's this Thai restaurant that my family and I have been going to since I was in third grade. After I saw the doctor, my whole family with my boyfriend actually went there. It's still as great as I remember. I seriously have been lucky being able to visit restaurant that serve great food. I've tasted a great amount of Thai, but as of now, I've just had two astounding experiences with it. First is here at Bangkok Restaurant, and the second one is Dan Thai. Dan Thai's Pad Thai is so good.

Here are the pictures of the great food.

 Tom Yum Soup. This is heavenly. If you haven't tried it, it has a sour taste, so be warned. It tastes so good with all the sea food mixed with it.
 Fresh Spring Roll
 Left: Thai Iced Coffee, Right: Thai Iced Tea
 Chicken Satay, better stack up on their peanut sauce. It was so good.
 Panang. This dish is spicy, so be careful. Lol. It's amazing though, seriously, the coconut milk together with the spicy taste is just perfect.
 Shrimp and Beef Pad Thai. This is one of my favorite!
This dish, I forgot the name. My mom ordered it; and I didn't try it. If you're Filipino and you're reading this post, you know what I mean when I say, "it's like Sotanghon."

I'm truly blessed to have this chance to experience great food.

Eat well,

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