03/11 Five Months

2:48 AM

Can you believe that it's only been 5 months since that day, I said yes to being his girl? It seems like it's been forever. Maybe it's because we were friends before he started courting me. We've just been spending a lot of time together.

For month five, we decided to see a movie. The movie we saw was Wizard of Oz. I liked it. It was a good movie. I just wished I didn't know what I knew coming into the movie. I won't tell for those who haven't seen it. I don't want to spoil it for you. It's really a cool movie. You really should go see it. It's one of those movie that you know good things will happen; and lessons will be learned.

Prior to the movie, the bf cooked steak and vegetables for dinner.


We saw this coming out of the theaters. We just had to pose.

'Til our next adventure,

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