04/19 Update of What's Going On

12:03 PM

Ok, I know that I owe you guys so much stories. You guys have become the friend I always talk to about what's going on, and I miss you when I don' get to tell you stories. I've been swamped with homework the past two months, but don't think that I forgot about you. I always think of you when something cool happens in my life.

Aside from school drowning me with homework, there are projects for school that I've been really excited about. For my Catalog Development class, we have to create a look book by the end of the semester, so we have to conduct a photoshoot. It's crazy! I love photoshoots, and it's like my professor just read my mind, because I've been so hungry for a photoshoot. I miss it. I miss being crazy in front of the camera, I miss being able to create looks and being girly with make up. It's just a lot of fun.

For my look book, I decide to focus on the brand Anthropologie. I love their brand image of chic, earthy, flirty look. It's very fun and sophisticated at the same time. I made a concept board for my photoshoot, and I wanted to share it with you. I can't wait to update you with the shoot. I'll shoot a video to share. I promise. I also promise to get up to date with my adventures.

Love always,

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