Adventures: Finding Time For Friends

10:30 AM

I wanted to tell you about a bunch of my adventures with my girlfriends the past couple of months. It piled up, being that I got so busy. That's the great thing about friends, they make time for you. No matter how busy we all are, we try to find even the shortest time to be together.

One of the things we enjoy together is getting pampered. Since the mall isn't too far from where we live, we find ourselves just finding things to do there. There was one time we went to the mall to get out nails done.

 We also went there to get our make-up done professionally. It was a new experience for us and we learned a lot from it. I love it when Nordstrom and MAC come up with those events where we can get ideas and tutorials on how to do great looks with make up.

Remember my school project? We even used that as something we can hang out and get together. It's a lot of fun when our creative juices are flowing. It keeps us busy and it gives us time to share stories and updates of our lives. It's fun and it's productive.

As we grow old, we accumulate responsibilities; this in turn makes our days pretty pack. As friends, we should be patient and supportive with our friends endeavors; because our friends will do the same. Make sure to spend time with friends and reconnect with them once in a while. You never know, it might just be the break you need to be even more productive.

'Til our next adventure,

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