Adventures: The Proposal

10:00 AM


A great adventure has happened to a great friend of mine. My friends Bryan and Prizzi got engaged. It's was amazing to be a part of. My friend Prizzi is one who can't be surprised, but it just needed the right people to pull it off. With the help of my boyfriend and I, we created a proposal fit for her.

I managed to fool Prizzi into thinking we were going to have a regular pot luck dinner. I was shaking the whole time, hoping we could pull it off. You can tell how Bryan was nervous with his looks.  We started cooking and going through the night like nothing was up. By the time all the food was cook, Prizzi started taking pictures; something we knew she would do. It was funny because she kept using her phone camera when I was already handing her the DSLR that contained the ring. 

It was fun preparing this proposal. Bryan was lucky to have me around for suggestions on how the proposal will go. LOL. Just kidding, I only lent a helping hand. We got them personalized wine glasses, since they enjoyed drinking wine and moscato.

The look on Prizzi's face was priceless. I'm so happy to be a part of their special day. It only goes to show how great friends can help you out in a lot of situations.

'Til our next adventure,

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