Adventures: Photoshoot

10:00 AM

I seriously need to come up with better names for the titles of my posts.

Today, my post isn't going to be about a DIY project, or about a movie review or a current music addiction or some nail art. Today's post is about my recent school project. Remember a couple of post ago when I showed you my inspiration boards? Well that wasn't all for nothing. This was one of the reasons I couldn't write any new posts. My school has kept me bombarded with homework and projects.

Anyway, the project was about creating a catalog for a company of our choice. We were either supposed to stay with the style of the company or try to come up with a new path for them. I chose the company Anthropologie. I love that store. It's such a fun, creative environment to be in. Their style is so chic, but very down to earth. I love the vibe they give out just by visiting their store. I follow them on instagram; and I see all their events and it just makes me wish that I was in one of them. I enjoyed the company so much that I decided to base my project off of them.

There's a lot of prep work when it comes to creating a photo-shoot; especially if it's a big production shoot. You need to create a schedule for the shoot; and follow that schedule. This is the hardest part to do when you're doing a shoot with friends; you tend become comfortable and just go with the flow, especially when getting ready. Also, you need to make a list of all the looks you'll be having. Write down all the accessories and little details that you need in perfecting that look. You should have a list of the shots you want to have as well; whether it be a close up shot of your model looking back, or a full body shot of her walking away. Be as descriptive as possible. You don't have to only stick to your shot list, but is gives you an idea of what pictures you want to have and you can get creative when you're taking shots.

What I love about having a photo-shoot is being able to dress up and showcase my style. I love creating looks for the models and guiding them to create the best shot. I've been on both sides of the lens, so I have an idea of what it feels like in both situations. A tip for the photographer, talk to your model; make them feel comfortable. It will show in the pictures if your model is awkward and stiff. Put some background music for him or her to dance to if its a happy themed shoot. A word to the models, trust your photographer. There's nothing worse than a model having to check every shot that is taken of her.

I came up with the name of the shoot just recently. I called it "Dreams of Dahlia." The softness of the picture just felt like a dream, so I definitely took that in. I want to thank my friends from Yellow Pad Production for helping me with this shoot. Check out our Youtube channel.

Well without further ado, I give you Dreams of Dahlia.

'til our next adventure,

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