The Workshop: Welcome!

10:00 AM

Hello adventurers,

Today is Workshop Wednesday. I know I have mentioned having this segment in the blog a while back, but life just got so hectic that the plan was pushed so far back. Now I will try my very best to pull this matter back to the forefront. I will start this week with just giving you an idea of how this segment will run.

In the Workshop, we'll talk about issues that we have with our selves. In here I'll share some of my own stories about the issue being talked about. I will also talk about how we can surpass the issue. If you want to e-mail me your story to share on my blog send me an e-mail at It doesn't have to be a sad story; it can be something to inspire other people as well. Here we can talk about anything that can help each other be the "best version of ourselves." This is a motto I will keep repeating on this segment as well, so let's all  learn it, live it, love it.:) I can't wait for us to share our stories together and learn from each other.

'til our next adventure,

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