Fashion Monday: Girly All the Way

9:00 AM

This was a last minute outfit; and I'm so proud of it. The reason why I'm so proud of it is because I've been wanting create an outfit for this skirt ever since I bought it. I've had this skirt from Calving Klein for about two years and this is the first time I wore it. It's such a good feeling to take price tags of clothes in a sea of tagged clothes. LOL.

I got the top from J Crew. I love wearing this top because it's so versatile. The belt is from H&M. As I mentioned last week my Michael Kors purse will make an appearance on a lot of the ootds. The heels are new. I just purchased 3 pairs of shoes and 3 purses from the website It's a great site to shop for shoes and purses. The prices for the items is commonly $39.95; some items are cheaper.

Let me know what you guys think.

'Til our next adventure

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